Oueds & Rios Rafting Ubaye offers all white water sports: Rafting with friends or family, baby rafting for children, canyoning, cano raft and kaya raft, river boarding / hydrospeed swimming, and paddle.

We offer competitive rates and meet the expectations of all. Family rafting, Week-end in spring or autumn or special group summer packages, works council or holiday center.

Our service includes quality services that you can not find elsewhere : Complete neoprene equipment (boots, trousers, jacket), a graduated and experienced coaching.

Rafting on the Ubaye

From € 40

Rafting is a team sport par excellence. It is played with a raft boat called, it is practiced from April to July teammates, this is a friendly practice that combines technical cooperation and teammates.

The boat allows everyone to experience the thrill of rafting and discover otherwise inaccessible landscapes.

The guide who sits at the rear gives instructions to coordinate the best paddlers to slalom between the waves and rocks.

In the raft each site is different, you will be sprinkled on the front and shaken well to the rear!

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Cano - raft / Kaya - raft

From € 40

Cano - raft, also called "hot dog" is an inflatable boat as that used in tandem sports fast without the drawbacks of traditional canoe. The cano- raft through its buoyancy, stability and simplified approach to whitewater techniques can take full advantage of the river. It was quickly surprised by the positive reactions of the boats in the rapids. Rapidly downhill turns into a series of fun sensations. The only little obvious thing to do ... getting the right partner!

Kaya - raft is unsinkable and stable inflatable since it is designed on the principle of kayak, single-seater and double paddle. It allows a faster approach to the river without the constraints of traditional kayak. Alone on his boat you can more easily achieve more accurate trajectories.

You just have to convince your better half that today is every man for himself!

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River boarding / Hydrospeed

From € 42

In river boarding / Hydrospeed, swimmer is equipped with a foam float, a full wetsuit reinforced protections and flippers to propel.

The game is to swim down the river and using the currents.

This activity a little more physically demanding than others, easily provides access to the unique feeling what surfing river, a great time.

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Stand Up Paddle

From € 12

In a natural setting, on the lake of Lauzet - Ubaye, while gliding, evolve in SUP on a lake.

New this year, the "Big Sup", a bigger, more stable board, for families and buddies who want to have fun!

It is also an effective way to improve your physical condition, to discover new sensations, a unique vision ...

Respect the tranquility of the environment. Come "walk on the water"!

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From € 42

Canyoning lets you down waterfalls in the heart of the gorge.

You throw in basins in natural water slides for another approach to whitewater sports.

Escape to a gorge where rock, water and sun mingle harmoniously.

There is swimming, walking, jumping, sliding rappel into pools and play with a welcoming nature.

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Works Council

Knowledge and expertise

For many years companies have trusted us to organise their trips, as part of either a seminar, incentive or just a good day out for their colleagues.

The Oueds & Rios team can help you with arranging local accommodation, accessing other activities, and advise and recommend local eatries and dishes ...

We take great pleasure in responding to unusual requests for instance serving your authentic paella at the bottom of a canyon, off the beaten track accommodation or simply recommending great local restaurants not found in tour guides.

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Holiday centers

From € 65

The purpose of our sports team is primarily educators, to allow a public of all backgrounds and of all conditions, access to sports including whitewater rafting and canyoning in the Ubaye valley near Barcelonnette.

Oueds & Rios Rafting and whitewater sports offers courses tailored to :

Youth services, Resorts and Leisure, social, educational centers, disabled sports BMI ...

We are at your disposal to study all kinds of projects.

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Special spring / autumn offer

From € 68

1/2 day Rafting on the most beautiful courses of the Ubaye, 1 day Rafting, canoeing / kaya-rafting or swimming on the Ubaye, rafting Trilogy 2 days Rafting or itinerant rafting Raft + Canyon, it's up to you to choose your formula.

Discover all the datasheets and details of the services.

We are at your disposal to concoct together a program à la carte.


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Special summer offers

From 28 €

Special packages have been specially designed for everyone!

Family raft, Bambino raft, Ubaye Discovery Day, Full summer 1/2 day, 1 raft rafting in the morning, and choice in the afternoon a canoe / kayak-raft or white water rafting.

The programs are given as an indication.

We are at your disposal to concoct and organize together a program à la carte.

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For a week or more

In Morocco, Chile, Canada (Magpie), Kyrgyzstan to the Colorado Grand Canyon, discover a country or region.

For a week or more you will live to the rhythm of the river, the bivouacs, the meetings.

The river descent abroad, a way to travel along the water.

Like the most beautiful of the mountains, the rivers also challenge an imaginary linked to an experience, a story, a character. Without being a confirmed River Runner, we are all sensitive to the many facets of this exceptional natural environment.

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