Rafting on the Ubaye

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Rafting is a team sport par excellence. It is played with a raft boat called, it is practiced from April to July teammates, this is a friendly practice that combines technical cooperation and teammates.

The boat allows everyone to experience the thrill of rafting and discover otherwise inaccessible landscapes.

The guide who sits at the rear gives instructions to coordinate the best paddlers to slalom between the waves and rocks.

In the raft each site is different, you will be sprinkled on the front and shaken well to the rear!


Prices :

 Trips Discover  Tonic  Expert  Integral
Difficulté class III-IV Class IV-V Class V-VI Class III-IV-V
Duration 1h30  1h30 2h30  3h
Price € 40 / pers. € 45 / Pers. € 60 / Pers. € 70 / Pers.

Trainee rate applicable from 3 sessions performed on your stay.


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Including lot of quality services: New equipment, complete equipment Neoprene (booties, pants, jacket), coaching by graduates and experienced guides, private parking, river boarding area, ...

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Trips :

Riou Sec >> La Condamine : 6 km / 2h00 / III-IV Class
Feasible route raft on Ubaye by spring water broadband level.
Navigation included in a Spring Day (see "100% Rafting"). View the map.
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Les Thuiles >> La Fresquière : 6 km / 1h30 / II-III Class
Iniation trip for the Holidays Centers. Section that connects to faster and more flat sections to develop a pedagogy of discovery, often in the form of games. Ideal for CVL. In spring it is the first section proposed before embarking on the more downstream (Martinet - Lauzet or Ex-infrans top). Included navigation on Spring Days (must on our trips in the spring). From 8/10 years.
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Le Martinet >> Le Lauzet : 9 km / 1h30 / III / IV Class
Discovery trip : The Raft descent ultimate success of these numerous rapids and idyllic decor not to mention his "body-surfing" session ... In the spring, great navigation, voluminous waves and many rapids in a desuperb landscape. Avoided after throwing cold setting conditions most often on the course Rio Clar-Thuiles before committing. Navigation included in a Spring Day (must on our trips in the spring). From 8/10 years.
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Ex-infrans du Haut (rapides de la Fresquière) : 6 km / 1h15 / V Class
« Tonic » trip : This sport raft descent requires a stronger commitment of the crew on a faster section. In spring, feasible or not depending on the water level, navigation gear on long sections of large unsuitable throw himself cold setting conditions most often on the course Thuiles-Rioclar before committing. Navigation included in the spring days. From 16 years.
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Infrans de Bas (Lauzet canyon to Serre Ponçon lake ) : 7 km / 2h30 / V-VI Class
« Expert » trip : engaged, deep throat, rapid techniques, a great experience in the "Royal Gorge" section consisting of Crew teammates recognized.
From 18 years.
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For childrens, from 5 to 10 years :
La Condamine >> Jausiers : 6 km / 1h00 / II-III Class
Excellence trip for the "Bambino-raft": A small band of sailors listening captain. Invitation of a parent by crew.
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International ranking of rivers :

Class I : Easy, regular course, small currents, simple obstacles.
Class II : Little difficulty, irregular courses, small waves, weak rapids.
Class III : Moderately difficult: waves, marked water movements and rapids, sometimes manoeuvers by the presence of blocks.
Class IV : Difficult, Continuous waves, powerful rollers, technical rapids and important differences in level.
Class V : Very difficult, fast to recognize inevitably, dangerous obstacles (blocks, movements of water with reminders).
Class VI : Limitation of Airworthiness (impassable)