River boarding / Hydrospeed

From € 42

In river boarding / Hydrospeed, swimmer is equipped with a foam float, a full wetsuit reinforced protections and flippers to propel.

The game is to swim down the river and using the currents.

This activity a little more physically demanding than others, easily provides access to the unique feeling what surfing river, a great time.


Prices :

Trips Duration
Initiation, III-IV Class
7km Martinet au Lauzet trip
1h30 € 42 / Pers.
Perf, III-IV Class
9km / Martinet au Lauzet trip
1h45 € 46 / Pers.
Master, IV-V Class
Lauzet "Infrans" trip
2h30 € 60 / Pers.

Trainee rate applicable from 3 sessions performed on your stay.

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